Bali Jewelry

Bali Jewelry

Another best of Bali will certainly be seen in the beauty of the Bali jewelry. Some other countries, such as Mexico and Thailand, might share the variations of the same designs. However, one most distinctive thing about the Bali jewelry is that it is always handmade. The material used is not involving any casting techniques, and it is not imported. There is a silver mine in Bali located near to Singaraja. This place is used for filigree and facilitating a traditional silver work.

Members of the royal family adorn themselves with gold and silver headdresses, belts, bracelets, earrings, anklets and necklaces to indicate their high status. Even handles of krises or daggers and umbrella finials would be made of gold. The village of Celuk is known for its rings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, and other objects of silver.

Kamasan remains the center for traditional gold and silver jewelry. If you want to see the best of Bali in the jewelry, you might want to visit these Bali jewelry centers.

The Bali jewelry quality and design is great. Whenever there are new best seller designs introduced in the jewelry market by the outsiders, Balinese will soon copy and produce them. Many imaginative smiths are starting to duplicate designs from magazines or international jewelry designers who have settled in Bali to work.

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