Bali Wood Carving

Bali Wood Carving

Bali wood carving is recognized as one of the finest wood carving in the world. The Bali wood carving uses mainly natural media, such as stone, wood, horn, bone, deadwood, and gnarled tree roots. Through the use of these natural media, the best of Bali is transformed into beautiful sculptures. Nowadays, souvenir-caliber wood carving is churned out and successful creations are mass produced. Any visitor to Bali is likely to be exposed to wood carving in all forms, such as the traditional ornate carved doors, the carved figures of gods, or the countless carved items in craft shops.

The Bali wood carving is practiced by Balinese all over the island. Wherever you might be, try to open your ears to hear the sound of the hammer’s tapping, and surely there is a carver nearby. Something like this will commonly found almost everywhere in Bali. It would be taxing to separate traditional and foreign influences. However, Balinese are intense observers of the outside world, effortlessly incorporating and adapting foreign themes into their work.

If you want to find a premium quality of Bali wood carving art, you need to go to Tegallalang, Sebatu, and Pujung. These locations are on the north of Ubud region. It is a great area to meet woodcarvers; it is best to take note of the artist's name and visit him at the workshop to negotiate a better price.

Bali is a perfect place for western artists to study their crafts. There are wood carving lessons in which you can learn to carve your own mask in about three weeks. Into these fine arts, you can see the reflection of the best of Bali.

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