Exploring Bali Restaurants

Exploring Bali Restaurants

Restaurants in Bali
When you are in Bali, you do not need to get worried about the variety of Bali food that you can have. There are a lot of restaurants in Bali serving various menus ranging from the European taste, Asian taste to American taste, besides the local menus of course. Bali Restaurants will give you another experience of world cuisine. What do you expect to have for your breakfast to dinner? You may have Chinese favorites such as Hong Kong style dimsum, smoked duck from Szechuan or scallops in black bean sauce, Korean bulgogi beef and kimchi, Japanese sushi, yakitori or shabu-shabu, spicy Thai tom yam, Indian tandori chicken or rogan josh, Australian wiener schnitzel, Italian lasagna or pizza, Mexican enchiladas or tacos, German wurst or rindsrouladen, Spanish tapas or paella, Swiss cheese or beef fondue. The history of being in contact with other countries for centuries has been developing the Indonesian’s cuisine, and this can be proven in the Bali restaurants. However, you may find that the taste served in the restaurants in Bali might be a little bit different, perhaps due to the local taste adaptation, or the particular ingredients’ availability. So, It is wise if you do not compare them to the origin’s country, just enjoy it and I believe that they are the enjoyable ones.

Restaurants in BaliYou will find some Bali restaurants which open 24 hours a day, and one of them is the Padang restaurants. Padang is a name of major city in Sumatra, and it is famous with its original cuisine. Padang restaurants in Bali, and everywhere else, will always display a variety of meal in 10 to 15 different bowls and plates in a glass compartment which is commonly put at the entrance. You will see that Padang restaurants serve fish, chicken, beef, eggs, liver and many other varieties of Padang style vegetables. When you want to eat in Padang restaurants in Bali, you will be served with every menu of prepared dishes, each in every single plate, and also a plate of rice on your table. You don’t have to eat them all, just pick the dishes that you want, and leave the others on the table. What you have taken are the ones that will be counted. Padang restaurants in Bali will cost you around US$2. If you are keen on such Padang dishes in Bali restaurants, you will find many of them at the south of Bali.

Bali restaurants offer a variety of dishes suitable to your budget and taste. You may find the basic one to the fancy one in Bali restaurants. Each of them will certainly be different in the prices, style, service, decoration and presentation. When you only have a quite small of budget, but you expect to have a tasty meal, you can go to the warung (a mobile chart) where you may have a tasty food in Bali for only Rp. 4,000,- or Rp. 5,000,- . Or if you want to have a fancy meal that will cost you US$150 or more per person, you can always go to one of five-star restaurants in Bali.

If you want to have a sumptuous buffet dinner accompanied by the performance of Bali dance, it will cost you around US$ 40-50 per person. The major tourist destinations in Bali, such as main streets of Sanur, Kuta, Ubud, Lombok, Legian, Lovina, Candidasa are some places where you can find good restaurants in Bali. Some of them are having cane furniture and topped with grass. You may find such Bali restaurants almost everywhere.

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