Guide For Shopping in Bali

Guide For Shopping in Bali

Well, I believe Shopping in Bali is one of the tourist interest. When you visit Bali, you must equip yourself with a bargaining skill. You need to bargain, unless it is a price-tagged product. For those who are not yet having too many experiences will find it venturing, but for those the expert ones, bargaining can be exciting, especially when they get a good deal price. There are so many interesting things that you might want to buy in Bali. Many people want to ‘shop till you drop’ in Bali, since the rupiah value is low compared to dollars. If you want to shop in the western-style department stores, you can give visit to some shopping centers in Kuta-legian, Nusa Dua, Sanur and Denpasar. You can get good products there, such as shoes, sports gear, toys, clothing or leather goods. Or if you want to get traditional Balinese arts and crafts, you can go to lots of arts and crafts shops that you will easily find in most tourism destination. The most popular purchases that tourist have are commonly Balinese arts and crafts. Besides that products, such as music, watches, musical instruments or clothing, can be bought with a very reasonable price in Bali.

In Bedugul, you are able to buy a variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers, since it is famous for a farming area. Bedugul weather is cool and comfortable, it’s not hot and humid like other areas in Bali. The scenery is also very beautiful, you’d love it!.

If you like to shopping in Bali, especially if you want to buy silver and gold jewelry you must visit Celuk, because Celuk is the centre of silver and gold jewelry home production. You will find many huge jewelry stores where you can see a great collection of sophisticated and beautiful jewelry pieces. You will be very tempted to choose and buy one of the collection, but you must bargain there.

Denpasar is the capital of Bali. Even though it is not really a tourist destination, there are some places that are worth visiting. For example, the Kumbasari market which represents the Indonesian market overview. It is 3 stories building, where the basement is for the traditional market, the second level is for goods and spices, and finally the third level is for clothing and household wares. Not too far from the Kumbasari market, you can find gold shops along Jalan Hasanudin, selling 18 to 22 carat gold jewelry. If you want to buy fabrics, you can go to Jalan Sulawesi, where there is a variety of fabrics. Or if you want to buy handicrafts, you can go to Jalan Gajah Mada. The handicraft shops in this street have similar items to the ones sold in Kuta. The difference is that there is no dealer in Denpasar. A good place for a handicraft centre which is run by the government is in Tohpati, Sanggraha Kriya Asti. You can get a range of handicrafts with tagged-price there. Some department stores are also available in Denpasar, such as Matahari, Tiara Dewa, Tragia, Ramayana, or Libi.

Duty Free Shopping
When you are in the airport, Sanur, Nusa Dua or Kuta, you can go to Plaza Bali and DFS where some duty free shopping outlets are available. In these outlets, you will find a variety of designer boutiques. However, you need to remember that there are some Indonesian products without high duties, for example, cigarettes.

Gianyar, located in the eastern part of Bali, is famous as a textile centre. You will find some factories where you can see the process of sarongs woven made. If you wish, you can buy the fabric there. However, the prices can be overstated due to tourist seasons.

When you go for shopping in Bali, you would love Kuta because in Kuta, you will find many restaurants and shops along the main road in Kuta. The shops offer a collection of particular goods, starting from sarongs, swim wear, handicrafts, jewelry, clothing, furniture, leather goods, Cds and cassettes. There are also some street dealers selling their wares along the road. If you do not interested to buy, then it is suggested for not making any eye-contact. At the end of Jalan Legian, starting from Seminyak to Krobokan, you will find a range of boutiques along the way. They offer special items in fashion, furniture, delis and interior decoration.

Klungkung is the oldest antique stores centre in Bali. This is where you can find songket, sarongs, krises, or 22-carat gold Balinese designed jewelry. You can also give visit to a crowded traditional market in Klungkung.

One of the famous Balinese traditional paintings is known as Kamasan. This is where you can get such good. This painting applies a unique technique. The subject must be outlined in the black ink first before it is colored using natural pigments. Such painting style is used as a decoration in eggs, bags, banners, or other goods. The kemasan painting is impressively displayed in the Kerta Gosa or Hall of Justice.

Nusa Dua
Right at the Nusa Dua entrance, you can find a small market, where you must bargain if you want to buy something. And at the outside of the gates, there are department stores and Tragja Supermarket. Some tailor and leather shops can also be found in the neighborhood. If you want to have high quality goods, you can purchase it at the Galleria at fixed-prices. The Galleria is a shopping complex with many good selections of stores and restaurants. Least, the Kris gallery is also worth visiting for the unique stuff.

Jalan Danau Tamblingan is the main shopping street in Sanur. This place is definitely less crowded to shop than in Kuta. Furthermore, the street dealers in this street are also not as aggressive as in Kuta, unless you are in the beach market. Some interesting restaurants ,shops and art market are also available in Sanur

Sukawati is the art and handicraft traditional market. In this place, you can get a variety of Balinese items for woven baskets, dancing costumes, umbrellas, fans, and ceremonial use, such as the clothes for tooth-filling ceremonies and wedding. When you go for shopping in Bali, take sometime to go to Sukawati, because in Sukawati market you can buy souvenirs with the cheaper price.

Tegalalang is known as the centre of wood carving art. Tegalalang and the nearby villages have been specialized in the carving art for centuries. The most favorite subjects in the Balinese carving art are flowers, fruits, animals and frogs.

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