Exploring Lovina Beach Bali

Exploring Lovina Beach Bali

Lovina Beach BaliAnother lovely place to visit is Lovina Beach Bali. The Lovina Beach is located around 6 km away from Singaraja to the west, or if you are in Denpasar, you are required to take three hours away driving to get to the location. Lovina is not only consisting of a single beach, but it is actually a name for a range of six small villages altogether with the palm-fringed beaches. The six small villages from the west to the east are known as Temukus, Kaliasem, Kalibukbuk, Anturan, Tukadmungga and Pemaron. The range of Lovina beach is started from 6 km away from Singaraja to the west and ended at about 5 km away passing Kaliasem. Among these six villages, Kalibukbuk is the most crowded one for restaurants and accommodations. While Temukus and Anturan are not too crowded ones and also more quite compared to other villages.

Lovina Beach BaliHistory has it, Lovina beach was the first seaside resort to appear in the mid-‘70s. The name “Lovina” was coined by the last King of Buleleng, Anak Agung Panji Tisna. He named this stretch of coast after the English word “love” in 1953. He founded the first hotel in this beach, Tasik Madu Hotel, or “sea of honey” hotel. The few simple accommodations that existed in the sleepy early 1970s were demolished in 1976 earthquake. The resort began anew and during the 1980s new accommodations and restaurants appeared. Lovina has had its ups and downs through the years, and always appears to be on the brink of a renaissance.

Lovina Beach BaliLovina Beach Bali is a place with so many to offer to the tourist. The scenery in Lovina Beach is amazingly beautiful with the background of nine hills behind it. The water in Lovina Beach is so clear that makes it perfect for diving, snorkeling and swimming. During the sunset, you can enjoy the beautiful beach by walking on the sands. Besides this beautiful beach, there are also some other great places to visit, such as temples, trekking paths and also the hot sulphur pools in the hills. Lovina Beach can be a perfect base point to go to other interesting tourism destinations, such as Menjangan Island, Tulamben, Pemuteran and also West Bali National Park. While you are in Lovina Beach Bali, you must have the Lovina’s Dolphin trip. This amazing trip will enrich your holiday experience by having a breakfast with the view of lots of dolphins wandering not too far from the beach.

The pace of life in this beach resort is not as fast as Kuta Beach Bali or Sanur, Beach Bali reflects the calmness and safety of the sea. This is a perfect place to hide away from the buzz of south Bali. A place for serenity.

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