Best Beach Resort Bali

Best Beach Resort Bali

One of the reason people love to goes to Bali because Beach Resort Bali. Bali Beach is very famous for international tourist. Bali has lot of variety beaches. If you like to crowded place to meet new people and make friends, you can go to Kuta Beach which has a very beautiful wide beach. But if you prefer to quite place, you can go to Sanur or Nusa Dua Beach which has wonderful clean white sands. It’s called Beach Resort Bali because those place provide resort such as international hotels, villas, bungalow with high security and service.

Kuta Beach
One of the best Beach Resort Bali is Kuta Beach. Kuta is a blossoming tourist resort, especially for the young people. It used to be only a quite village passing by from Denpasar to the Bukit Peninsula, but not it is one of the most famous Balinese tourist resorts. It is another excellent spot for surfing. Unfortunately, due to some current circumstances, it is less suitable for swimming. Anyhow, coast guards are ready on constant day time duty. Kuta beach is facing the west that it is a perfect spot to enjoy the sun set. You can choose any accommodation you wish to have, since in Kuta, there are many International hotels to home stays. You can easily find any restaurants, discotheques, shops or other facilities for tourists. In Kuta, it might be easier for tourist to find Balinese regular performances, such as music and dance. These kinds of performances are usually staged at night. It is a perfect place to blend in with locals or domestic/international tourists. If you like to cut the expenses then Kuta beach is the right choice. If you stay in Kuta, you can go shopping, go to restaurants, bars and clubs with no expenses for taxy (transport), you can simply walk because there’s so many shops, hotels, and restaurants which is very close to each other.

Nusa Dua Beach
I love Nusa Dua beach very much. Nusa Dua and Kuta Beach are my favorite beach resort Bali. 4 years ago I went to Bali, I stayed in Sheraton Laguna Hotel. This hotel has front beach which is very beautiful. It’s like heaven on earth for me. In Nusa Dua beach, you can do water sport such as parasailing, banana boat, jet skiing, and also snorkeling. It was just perfect for me.

Candi Dasa Beach
Candidasa beach is located at the Mount Agung foot. It is named after the temple complex found at a lagoon near to the sea edge. You can see the white sandy beach if only the tide is low. Somehow, it is a perfect place to catch the sun. This romantic area was started to be developed as a tourism destination since the early of 1980s. If you plan to have a day trip around the Eastern Bali, Candidasa will absolutely be a great base. You can also visit Goa Lawah, Amplapura, Tenganan, and Padang Bai, because they are close by. You might also go to Tulamben, where you can see a sinking US ship during the World War-II. In Tulamben, you can have a good diving, or snorkeling. Diving and snorkeling equipments with reasonable prices are available at the rental.

Lovina Beach
It is located at the west of Singaraja, on the northern Bali’s coast. If you are looking for a peaceful place, it is the right place for relaxing. The beach’s sand is black because it is from the volcanic sand. In Lovina, you can do diving and snorkeling. You might also find the dolphins which are often seen when you take a boat trip. There are some small villages along the beach strip. When you go to Lovina, you can also go to the hot springs of Banjar, to various crafts centres, temples, or the West Bali National Park.

Seseh Beach (Pantai Seseh)
Seseh Beach or Pantai Seseh is located at the south of Tanah Lot, and it can be reached just by a beach walk. The sand is black because it is from the volcanic sand. There are lots of local fishermen at the beach. It is a rough, quite, natural beach that might give you unforgettable memory.

Sanur Beach
Sanur Beach is also one of the best of beach resort Bali. Sanur has two different sand’s colors. The south part is white, while the north part is black. It is close to Denpasar, and is easy to reach, because there are many public transportations available until night. Sanur beach has a coral reef offshore that is used to protect the shore from the ocean waves. Because of this coral reef, the shore has quite gentle and small waves that are perfect for swimming, water sport, boating or wind surfing. The local people in Sanur are very close to the culture, but their clothes are modern ones, unless in the ritual occasions. There are two famous white coral temples in Sanur, known as Pura Segara and Pura Merta Sari. There are also some other small ones located at the south beach, but they are hidden away.

There are some beach purification ceremonies in Sanur during December and January. They are huge processions that are very interesting to watch. At the various Banjar, you might see some gamelan rehearsals in the evening. You will also find the palm-lined beach starting from the Bali beach Hotel to the south and facing the Indian Ocean to the east. There are many excellent hotels in Sanur, including restaurants, tourist facilities and souvenir shops.

Tegal Besar Beach
Besides Sanur and Kuta beaches, there is a beautiful beach located in Klungkung regency (near to Banjarankan village) called as Tegal Besar beach.

One special characteristic of this beach is its black sands. The beach gives a natural and beautiful atmosphere to attract the tourist. The beautiful ponarama is completed with the presence of stationed fishing boats along the beach that will be used by the fishermen in the morning to catch the fish.

When you are facing westward from this beach, you might see another beach known as the Lebih village beach. The Lebih village beach is located in the Gianyar regency. It is readily developed for a tourist destination. There is a forerunner who has already renovated his restaurant there. You will also find some small stalls to serve the customers.

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